January 27, 2011

Ian McCoog- Southern Columbia, imccoog@scasd.us
iCivics- http://www.icivics.org
History Tours- http://historytours.wikispaces.com
Stories of America- http://storiesofamerica.blogspot.com

Jason Heiser - Selinsgrove - History Teacher and Coach jheiser@seal-pa.org
Microsoft Office 2010 - One Note and Sharepoint
One Note plug-in : "Interactive Classroom" (records students results on the fly)
SharePoint: uses SilverLight - examples http://sp.seal-pa.org - he had 23 students editing a Word document at one time, click the refresh/save button to see the additions other students make as they work

Web 2.0 Tools - Jay McHenry - Benton - Science Teacher and Coach

Live Binder - share your links - similar to Diigo or Delicious
Prezi - alternative to Power Point presentations
Myebook - students/teachers create a book with video, text, images, links - can create student accounts to keep track of them - presentation tool
Voicethread - presentation tool - easy to use - small fee if you want to create students accounts
embedit - take any document that you have and give it an embed code so that you can put it on your web page - can be printed, downloaded, etc
Animoto - alternative to power point - add music to photos and video - create student accounts
ClassMarker - set up classes, create online tests and quizzes, can set to full or partial credit, can be set up as a homework assignment too - you can incorporate web images into your test questions, once you create the test you can view it as the students will see it - gives immediate feedback of their score - free
YacaPaca - create tests and quizzes - more suitable to younger students - free

Miscellaneous Resources - Phil Burrell - Bloomsburg - History Teacher and Coach

Twitter - professional development communities - Social Studies Chat (#SSChat) include this hash tag in the conversation if you others in the group to participate
SSChat wiki - wiki with past twitter conversations from sschat - geared for social studies teachers
edmodo - free, protected, looks like facebook - calendar - library - discussion - ex. have students post a current event and have them post responses to 2 more students who posted their current events - set up different classes - set up polls - students can post and submit assignments - assignments can be sent to their cell phones
superteachertools.com - create a variety of online games including Jeopardy
etoolkit.org - searchable database about using technology in school, problem based learning, professional development, reflection tool based on NETS-Ts standards

Digital Storytelling

Some websites to help you along the way:

Lesson plans and ideas for Social Studies teachers

Ideas for integrating tech:

Moodle - This is a perfect way to bring tech into the classroom and use great collaboration tools, typically blocked, in a safe a secure environment. Activities that are great to start with for a classroom are Choice, Forums, and Chat. Choice is simple in you can do a quick survey as part of a bell ringer or an exiting exercise to look for change before and then after a lesson. Forums are great for having students start converations, answering Essential questions, and turning in assignments. Chat is nice for allowing students to collaborate and share resources in a secure and familiar environment. There are other activities but these are three a teacher could integrate into a classroom tomorrow with little effort.

Differentiated Instruction:

Menu lesson - For this lesson on the Cold War I decided to take a project that I like but never feel I got the most out of it. The project is called a Cold War decades project. In the project students are given menus where they are required to do a base project that can net them at most a 79%. From there they have 2 sets of menu options to increase their potential. These are not required parts of the project but options for them to achieve the best grade then can. Each level of the project, makes the requirements higher and requires the students to do more work and go deeper into their decade. Tech in this is used mainly for the purpose of research, however, if students challenge themselves they will have opportunities to use a video editing program or audio editing program.

"Something Awesome":
Here are the resources I talked about. Enjoy!

LFS Plans:

Add your LFS plans here....

Video on Cats and Dogs:

Idea for a video format. I did this with my students doing the reformation and showed this in the beginning as a model for how I wanted the video to look.

Cats and Dogs.wmv