1. Pond Study - collect specimens, analyze data, fact sheet
2. Glogster- Biomes - Website to create virtual posters (use the edu option) - most students took off with these projects with little instruction - some students embedded their YouTube videos into their projects - Start:explain Biomes, blueplanet.org , data sets, use Excel - Next: Food Web - Next:
(other ideas: create laws that will protect different aspects of your biome)
3. Invasive Species Most Wanted Poster / Webquest
4. howstuffworks.com (experiments, explains how stuff works...)
5. Nova programs on PBS - helpful videos - has a teacher page with each video with problem solving ideas and activities (higher level thinking)
6. Project Learning Tree - PDE website, Ecology - lesson plan ideas (modules) www.plt.org
7. Watch The Lorax - students create an ending to the story - "Truax" (logging industry's answer to The Lorax) , debate both sides - if you ask the company they will send you copies of the story (search: Truax) - website Joust has the video
8. Bringing Nature Home - book about native species and invasive species - very interesting read