Middle School English Resources

Writing Process: biography/autohiography - students are paired together and interview each other and write a short biographical piece - use a Clay Dough model to compare the writing process (develop a pencil holder out of clay, mold it, fix it, smush it all up, then do the process again - but better) - main idea, supporting details, sentence structure - final product type out their biography and present to the class

Active Reading:http://icue.com current event articles for nonfiction (great for middle school)

http://glogster.com/edu (students can create electronic posters) - students can be assigned for a chapter to create a glog - in the end you have a "poster" including videos/sound/text/images for every chapter in the book that you're talking about

http://myebook.com - create an ebook on any topic that you want, link to other websites, files, rubrics (Jay McHenry - Benton)

http://yacapaca.com - make multiple choice, True/False, Short Answer quizzes - students given password, login, take secure quizzes online, teacher access the grades by class/assignment

http://bookadventure.com - create a teacher page, students login, find their book title (categorized by interest / grade level), read a certain number of books, take the quiz that goes with the book, students are given prizes and awards for their accomplishments - 20 different categories - book list is online - teacher can monitor the list and set requirements for individual classes