High School English (11th, 12th) Resources


Millville CFF Quakers Wiki - English http://cffquakers.wikispaces.com/English
Mrs. Richter - Wiki projects - private wiki is used for students to discuss with team members to create a ballad


Group: Annick Helbig – Danville; Robin Callahan – Bloomsburg; Mike McGarry – Bloomsburg
Moodle – start small with simply adding resources and build from there; forums is a great activity in Moodle that easily lends itself to building conversation around a reading, to reflect or respond.

Quizlet – flash cards available online www.quizlet.com No email required. The teacher creates the account then students can join. This is a great way to study for vocabulary.

Voicethreadwww.voicethread.com storytelling; students write a script and use visuals about a given topic
Go to voicethread and search Vegepalooza as an example from the students at Danville

Use Wikispaces for discussion to build conversation about reading assignments

Use student response systems "clickers" to evaluate the level of knowledge of your students on a given topic

Glogster http://edu.glogster.com/ (education version) for students to create online interactive posters which are great on the interactive whiteboard

Edublogs and Google Reader (RSS aggregator) - students must post a weekly writing in their edublog account in response to reading another blog . . . how it relates to them. This is a reflective writing. Mike pays $5 a month to be able to create as many blogs as he wants for his students. The students can then develop their own blog which provides them with "ownership." When students begin to get comments on their blogs from the outside world, it adds value to the project.