Brief Summary of the Lessons

  1. What levels of Bloom's taxonomy are demonstrated in this lesson? How can the lesson be restructured to reach a higher level of Bloom's taxonomy?
  2. What aspects of this lesson are teacher directed?
  3. What aspects of this lesson are student-directed? How can this lesson be modified to make it more student-directed?

Lesson Idea #1: Ancient Rome
Comments: similar to Oregon Trail with regard to Application; restructure with Google Earth for Synthesis; possibly utilize the
All Roads Lead to Rome WebQuest for Synthesis and possible Evaluation; the teacher direction is 10% teacher and 90% student; At this level we don't need more student-directed

Lesson Idea #2: World Geography without a textbook Israeli/ Palestine Conflict
Comments: there isn't a textbook that teaches what this teacher wants. He teaches things they won't get in any normal textbook.
Israeli/Palestine conflict is 50/50 of teacher instruction; Map on board with dates as they switch back and forth through the years; create scenarios where people or groups are different people with in both sides; they need to agree or negotiate on where the Israeli/Palestine conflict; focus on authentic assessments; Collaborate/Design/Comparison/Critiques; a lot of work to begin; many resources on the Internet; more meaningful experience for the student.

Lesson Idea #3
: World History/American History/Geography I, II, and II
Comments: Combines all in one course going through different times periods with each course; courses needed for graduation; it is too hard to go through all the history of the world anymore. With state requirements and PSSA History test; what's important for out students to know?