Group 5 Lesson Ideas

Online posters using Glogster.
iMovie collaboration,
Takes alot of time, and to learn the technology.
Photostory Projects
Museum Box
Use this ti create a vertual museum
Digital Storytelling to
Compare OBama's plan to Roosevelt's plan to stimulate economy.
Animated movie to create character movies on people, typical people, etc.
Cultural Values/Coal Region Values
Compare and contrast cultural values based on regions, then have students write 5 paragraph essay on the values that most engage
a student.
Discuss parenting styles and critique parents parenting styles, then have them choose the parenting style that they will use with
thier own kids. Finally, students must write a letter to thier parent thanking them for what they have done.
1. Analysis, Evaluating
Synthesis of thier own values with the parenting style and create an ideal parent.
2. Teach the styles first. Set up the project. Rubrics, etc.
3. Analyzing thier parents style, creating the letter.

Music Videos
Create thier own music video's for a topic using classic music.
1. Analysis, Synthesis.
Possibly evaluate each others, or those made by the original artist.
2. Teach the topic first. Set up of the project.
3. The project. Possibly have the kids teach themselves about the topic through research.

Civil Rights
Make a childrens book photostory narative to Civil Rights for youngers kids to understand.
1. Knowledge, Comprehension, Application,
Have each student evaluate each other's work to reach higher level of evaluation. Compare to events in other times and places.
2. Rubrics, Directions, Introduce Technology.
3. Kids do research, development, creation with teacher facilitation. Students must think about how a younger child can
understand the information.