Group 4 Lesson Ideas

World History

1. Children's Book on Civil Rights Movement (online program, animated page) - audio book, movie maker, ning network to connect with groups doing the same topics, globalization site ...idea from Maten from Benton
Bloom's Taxonomy - Synthesis, Evaluation, Analysis (ideas: share books with classmates and elementary history class)

2. Tic Tac Toe - World War II - students choose one activity from each column (projects/test) - each column has an activity or test for students to complete the work that correlates with the material being learned, include rubrics - students created projects, comparing and contrasting, shared with teacher - could also be shared with classmates/online...

Bloom's Taxonomy - Analysis, Application

3. Civil War Trading Cards students created the cards (technology didn't need to be used) - person, battle or event on the card - end of the year project
Bloom's Taxonomy - Application, Comprehension, Synthesis

4. Digital Storytelling (Photo Story etc.) - Comparing the New Deal to the Stimulus Package
Bloom's Taxonomy - Evaluation, Synthesis

5. Webquest -background info, work together as a group, develop a plan that would work with the big issues that are being discussed (Arab Israeli Conflict)
Bloom's Taxonomy - Comprehension, Analysis