Group 2 Lesson Ideas on Government.

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Lesson Ideas - Presidential Lessons

by research group; research the president, the powers the president has, background, running mates, opponent, whether or not it was a controversial election; create a PhotoStory or PowerPoint, including images, text, live presentation or audio voiceover. Random drawing of cards to allow groups to pick

campaign projects - each student had a role in running the campaign; i.e. candidates, fundraisers, managers, pollsters, auditor, Secret Service agents, etc.; groups have to create a platform determining issues and stance on those issues in line with their political affiliation

or campaign to be your own class president and other analogous roles; issues are national issues, but also there are some school-level issues to make the election meaningful to students

How did they decide who was who? - students choose in one school, students are intentionally assigned the opposite of the political party with whom they most closely identify to expose them to various perspectives

Weekly reflective blogs or reflective classroom discussions throughout the process; this project takes months and each stage of it correlates with that part of the curriculum

All of the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy are addressed in the campaign projects as they are so multi-faceted. There is also a good measure of authenticity in one of the districts. Newly elected 'Presidents' actually form committees on school issues and present their findings (often in the hope for actual change) to the School Board.

The campaign projects also have an enormous amount of student involvement with teachers as facilitators.