Group 1 Lesson Ideas

Predominent courses taught by this group: Economics, World Cultures, Political Science, Problems of Democracy, Sociology, Psychology

Museum Box -

Students use this website to prepare a presentation making connections between political philosophers, social philosophers, and theologians from the perspective of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

A criteria sheet is provided for content to be included in the presentation. A rubric outlines grading and expectations. A topic/people list is provided for student choice.

Blooms - synthsis, analysis, and evaluation
Introduction only is teacher directed. Students take the lead in the development of the project.

Political Ads

Students create political ads for the presidential campaign using Photostory (this in conjunction with the campus-wide election). Students defend a candidates position and determine right or wrong. Propaganda plays a role in this determination.

Blooms - synthesis, analysis, and evaluation
Introduction is teacher directed. Students take the lead in the development and culmination of the project.


CIA factbookonline
Students pick their own countries and research and rank comparative economies. Students determine the most healthy economies.

Blooms - analysis, synthesis and evaluation

Product Comparisons

Research paper comparing the economic stimulus package and TARP.

Identity theft and credit cards . . . write to congressmen about this issue.

Analyze Obama's inaugurial address with Wordle.