Lab #1 - An Introduction to Microbiology Techniques
  • Students will use aseptic technique to culture microorganisms
  • Students will use the pour plate technique to prepare agar dishes
  • Students will distinguish between colonies of bacteria and fungi
  • Students will heat fix and stain bacteria for identification purposes

1. Students prepare their dish, take sterile cotton swab and collect a sample from somewhere in the school.
2. Transfer that to the dish - incubate 4-5 days to check for growth (if you turn the plate upside down it will speed up the process so that the condensation won't hinder the process)
3. Analyze bacteria growth

Lab #2 - Colony Transformation - required AP Lab
  • Students genetically modify a strain of E.coli bacteria by inserting plasmid
1. Students complete lab from Prentice Hall - Lab Bench (free)