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Welcome to the CSIU (IU 16) Classrooms for the Future Wikispace! The purpose of this space is the share our IU's lessons and ideas with one another and other CFF coaches and teachers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Included in these pages we have materials that the teachers from our individual schools have created and decided to share with you! Materials on this wiki are broken up by subject for easy access. As time goes on check back to see how much the wiki has grown and changed with the evolution of CFF in our schools. Since this page is new there are only two links to resources from Keystones this past summer and the EduWiki. Below are summaries of these links since our content is still scarce! Enjoy our links!

Navigation Summary of links:

Keystones 2007 - is a space that was created at the summit this past summer. There is a number of great free resources as well as notes from many of the meetings and workshops this years KTI representatives attended. Valuable information on podcasting, mash-ups, free resources, hot new tech(which might be outdated by now), and much more!

EduWiki - is a conglomeration of resources, educators, and educational speakers from across the US. This wiki is for teachers and made by teachers that love technology and sharing new and innovative ways of reaching students and giving them 21st century skills!

Wikis for CFF Schools within IU 16

Southern Columbia Classrooms for the Future - is the site formulated by SCA specifically for core teachers participating in Classrooms for the Future. There are sample lessons, resources, and information specific to CFF.

Millville's CFF Wiki - created for CFF teachers and students, tips and tricks, resources

Shikellamy CFF Wiki - contains general information related to Classrooms for the Future and links to other useful wiki sites.